Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Emotion and the nation state

Jostling emotions have been responsible for more than a number of wars throughout history, and thus it was with interest that I looked over this list compiled by Gallup detailing the least and most emotional countries on earth, determined by the feelings that course through ones body on average in a given day.

Singapore ranked as the least emotional, followed by Georgia and a host of Eastern European countries.  Ireland was ranked as a high emotion country.  The methodology was indifferent between positive and negative emotions.  The largest unemotional country was Russia at 3rd, while large nations like China and Germany hovered around the midpoint, and America reported a high emotional density.  Estonia was 30th.  

The old Eastern bloc reporting and unemotional state seemed to be one trend, and South America reporting a high emotional state was another.  I am sure that there are other trends that I am not spotting.  

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