Monday, August 13, 2012

Difficult, difficult books

See the top ten most difficult books of all time.  

One of these I actually attempted while fumbling through philosophy in my first year of university: Martin Heideggers 'Being and Time'.  

I would try a page, revert cafe-ward in fear, but was slowly, slowly, pulled back.  I recall even in my final year, having long abandoned the oldest science in favour of the blandest one, stalking through the library to attempt once more a few paragraphs, but getting nowhere.  Something that complicated must be profound, he thought, and then slumped away.

A random quote, do enjoy...  

In interpreting, we do not, so to speak, throw a ‘signification’ over some naked thing which is present-at-hand, we do not stick a value on it; but when something within-the-world is encountered as such, the thing in question already has an involvement which is disclosed in our understanding of the world, and this involvement is something which gets laid out by the interpretation.

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